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Owning the perfect detector is like you've already found a treasure.

Vista WArrior

How about this new, modified version of the well known Smart?

Vista smart +


5,7" round coil

5,7" round coil

114.00 95.00

8" round coil closed design

8" round coil closed design

139.00 116.00

EPIC coil 14" DD

EPIC coil 14" DD

159.00 133.00

Latest Reviews

Wasn't sure which size I would need so ordered one 5" and one 7" to make sure before ordering the 25ft kit. For the price, it is worth spending a few dollars to know for sure what is required. Also, gave me a real idea of the construction of the sections and how to install before hand.

Mirchen (23/06/2014)


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