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Deeptech Vista Smart finds ancient gold....Not
Metal detecting with the DeepTech Vista Smart using the new 8x6 SUPER SIX coil for the first time:

More information about Vista's coils: http://deeptech-bg.com/elliptical.html

NEW! Vista RELIC! Check the page now!

Here it is! Vista GOLD! Check its page for more information!

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Pulse Induction Metal detectors    VLF Metal Detectors

New for Winter 2010: Vista RG1000

with Spartyguss and Vista RG1000

NEW! - Megapulse SR126

Ground Pioneer 4500

Vista RG 750 - the first VLF detector from Vista series

Here you will find a variety of pulse induction metal detectors to suit all experience. Our pulse induction metal detectors come with an array of coils - round search coils and square search coils. These metal detectors also work very well with universale cable coils. The last type of our pulse induction metal detector systems is the pulse induction metal detector MegapulseIII. If you are interested in our products mentioned above, you will find more information on our website, e-mail or phone numbers. Our site also displays VLF metal detectors and other treasure hunting products, extensive resources on metal detectors and metal detecting and treasure hunting, locations, equipment, techniques, publications and clubs, links to metal detectings forums,information on using metal detectors and making search heads, great number of European and USA patents for metal detectors,pulse induction and search coils. If you tell us your requirements, we will make a complete set for you due to your needs.

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