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Since May 2012 on the market is the improved Vista RG750-V2
Vista RG 750 VLF metal detector

After Vista RG750's first apeal, it endured several modifications, due to recomendations of our customers. In 2010 in several different countries were avalilable new reviews and customer oppinions. Some of them can be found at :
www.deeptech-bg.com/rg750_fb.html Few months later, we are happy to introduce you the new DeepTech's Batterybox, made from ABS plastic, with Armrest, little Detector Stand and adjustable arm strap.
Happy Hunting with DeepTech's Vista series detectors.

17.October, 2010

Vista RG 750 VLF Metal Detector Test

Using Vista Rg750 VLF Metal Detector

View ALL movies, specifications and Manual for exploitation: www.deeptech-bg.com/rg750_movies.html

Feedbacks and independent tests from our customers:

За България посетете: www.deeptech-bg.com/rg750_bg.html


DeepTech's detector RG750 is the first from Vista series VLF metal detectors you can own! RG750 is discriminating motion detector. The standard-diameter 11" searchcoil accompanying your RG750 metal detector will give you good results. We made tests and video clips especially for you, our clients, to obtain real idea for this VLF detector's work. For this test were used the following targets:
  - antique silver coin 10 mm;
  - bulgarian coin 18 mm;
  - bulgarian coin 20 mm;
  - antique bronze coin 30 mm Sesterzia;
  - screw cap D-28mm/h=14mm;
  - alluminium disk 80 mm;
  - steel pincers;
  - granite stone.


Every single of these detectors had been surely tested on field before it reach to you. Every single of these detectors was shiped to you with the following parts (see the pictures):
  -Fully assembled Upper Pole Assembly;
  -Middle Pole Assembly;
  -Lower Pole Assembly;
  -11" Widescan searchcoil;
  -8x 1,5 V AA Alkaline Batteries;
  -Manual for Exploitation;
  -Warranty Card;


All our detectors are made of high-quality materials and components. Please visit the web-sites of our partners and suppliers. Please, be sure, that you have read very well the content of Manual for Exploitation and Warranty card. Please, be sure, that you are familiar with the laws in the country where you will work with this detector. For more information please visit:


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